Sunday, 27 May 2012

Composting 101:What are your Compost Bin options? By Uncle Jim's

Are you looking for the right compost bin that will best suit your space and taste? From indoor composters to outdoor compost bins, you’ll surely find the perfect “magic makers” at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Uncle Jim’s not only offers the best red wigglers in town, they’re also putting forward an extensive collection of durable and earth-friendly bins on sale. These bins will certainly help you to reduce your trash consumption, to reduce the need to use chemical-based fertilizers for your lawn and garden, to produce high-quality compost and more!

An assortment of indoor compost bins can be selected directly from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. You can take your pick from the Mr.ECO Kitchen Pail with Tumbler, Kitchen Collector, Kitchen Compost Carrier, to a Stainless, Bamboo or Ceramic-made Compost Pail. You can also choose to purchase specialized worm-friendly bins such as the Worm Friendly Habitat Composter, the Worm Factory® 360 (Free Shipping) and the Worm Factory®. Each compost bin unit comes with different sizes, capacities, special features and designs.

There are also compost bin options for outdoor use, and you can certainly find some of the most hardwearing yet well-designed composters at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.Each of these specialized garden compost bins also offer distinctive features. But you can certainly expand your options by checking out which of these composters goes well with your preferences.

You can take your pick from theWorm friendly Habitat, The Worm Factory, The Worm Factory® 360, Aerobin 400 Insulated Composter (Free Shipping), Earthmaker Composter, Tumble Weed Composter, 71-Gallon EComposter to the Urban Composter. You can also explore the remarkable features of the 52-Gallon Compost Wizard Jr., 90-Gallon Compost Wizard, Compost Wizard Hybrid, Compost Wizard Standing Bin, Soil Saver Compost Bin, Garden Gourmet Compost bin, 90-Gallon Eco Wooden Compost Bin, 50-Gallon CompoSpin, Wishing Well or theMr.ECO Kitchen Pail with Tumbler.